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Industry Links

www.est.gov.on.ca Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology

www.oeb.gov.on.ca The Ontario Energy Board

www.theimo.com The Independent Market Operator

www.epri.com EPRI is a nonprofit organization committed to providing science and technology-based solutions to customers.

www.ieee.org IEEE - Standards Association.

www.iec.ch The International Electro-technical Commission is the international standards and conformity assessment body for all fields of electro-technology.

www.powerquality.com Power Quality Magazine

www.frasers.com Canadian Trade Directory

www.the-alliance.org Alliance of Manufacturers & Exporters Canada

www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca NRC: National Research Council Canada

www.nano.gov National Nanotechnology Initiative

www.les.man.ac.uk/PREST/ PREST: Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology

http://www.bicsi.org/ BICSI A Telecommunications Association

http://www.polywater.com/pullplan.html Cable Pulling Tension Calculation Software

http://www.psknight.com/ Canadian Code Simplified

http://www.wireville.com/ Join the electrical contractors that have discovered a bounty of revenue in datacom and telephony cabling.

http://www.copper.org/applications/electrical/building/homepage.html Copper Building Wire

http://www.cooperwiringdevices.com/ A leader in the design and manufacture of wiring devices for industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential applications

http://www.energycentral.com/ Electrical Energy News

http://www.energyinfosource.com/ Energy Info Source

http://www.eia.org/ (EIA)

http://www.esdjournal.com/index.htm Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Journal

http://www.epri.com/ EPRI

http://www.bussmann.com/ Fuse Information

http://www.healthcareengineering.net/ Health Care Engineering

http://www.ipc-resistors.com/ High Resistance Grounding - This is an Excellent Web Site on this Topic

http://www.incident-prevention.com/ A safety publication serving utilities, municipalities and telecom providers

http://www.ieee.com/ IEEE

http://infoventures.com/ IVI Online provides substantive information about health issues of critical concern to all of us.

http://www.niehs.nih.gov/emfrapid/ Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Public Information and Dissemination Program

http://www.nfpa.org/Home/index.asp Link to the NFPA's website.

http://www.nmsu.edu/~tdi/Photovoltaics/PV-Energy.html Photovoltaic Energy

http://www.solarexpert.com/Photovoltaics.html Solar (Photovoltaics) Electricity - This is a great site

http://www.ul.com/ Underwriters Laboratories UL

http://www.wirelessestimator.com/ Wireless Online Community